• Interview with Michael Lamb - Students of Franz Bardon Community Questions Answered

    An exciting interview today from Michael Lamb (Scroll down), a long term pracitioner who has a lot to share. Originally this was going to be transcribed in a similar way to our other interviews, but after hearing the depth of the answers Michael was providing and the way he shared his story I felt we needed to change our usual way of presenting these interviews on this occasion and simply provide the direct audio of Michaels answers. In doing this I have created a podcast channel so perhaps in t…

  • Sifu Mark Rasmus: Qigong, Marrow Washing, Hermetics and Initiation into Hermetics

    Here are the most recent uploads from Sifu Mark Rasmus. I highly recomened looking at his methods or going out to train with him. I have trained twice with him in Thailand and loved every minute of it. I will do a full write up in the future of my experiences. But for now please enjoy some of his recent videos. If you have enjoyed this blog post please consider supporting us indirectly or directly - here.