Mailing List: Mind Body Fundamentals

    Hello everyone. 

    In order to keep you all up to date on the various projects that are being worked upon I am inviting you to sign up to the mailing list below.

    I will do my best to only send you quality and welcome replies to these emails so that we can all get to know each other. 

    The list will cover material specifc to the study of Franz Bardons books but also will delve into other areas connected to our work in IIH, hence the name Mind Body Fundamentals as  it provides a wider platform for useful material to be featured that can help us in our training though is not 'officially' part of the curriculum. 

    Subjects such as: Meditation, Mindfulness, Dzogchen, Rainbow Body, Internal Arts of China, Internal Arts of Indonesia, Vajrayana, Internal Power, Nei Gung, Wai Gung, Qigong and much  more. 




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