Interview with Wayne: Alchemy, Hermetics and the Martial Arts

    Today we have Wayne talking with us about his journey in Hermetics. It is great to hear from practitioners with so much experience ...Wayne started IIH in 1977!

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    SOFB: Welcome and thank you very much for agreeing to this interview. Please introduce yourself and let us know how you discovered the teachings of Franz Bardon.

    Wayne: My real name is XXXX, in disguise as Wayne O’Boogie as I teach physics and Electronics in Secondary School in the UK so my Students don’t know who I am.  Anyone who knows me well will understand my pseudonym. I live in South Wales in the UK.

    I was interested in Alchemy first (and still am).  I read that Basil Valentine had said to study the Quabbalah to understand alchemy and the book of abramelin stated qabalah was the highest art.  When I was a student in London (Studying Physics with Astrophysics at Queen Mary College, University of London) in the mid 1970s I went into an occult bookshop in South Kensington called “the Equinox” where I found a copy of The Key to the True Quabbalah by Franz Bardon.  This kept referring to IIH and it wasn’t long before I got that and the POME too. I started practising IIH in the Summer of 1977 after I finished my first year exams.  

    I have studied, chi gung, dzogchen and I teach Wing Chun Kung Fu having studied with Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe and Master Ip Chun in Hong Kong.  I recommend anyone who studies IIH also practice a martial art; they complement each other perfectly.  

    SOFB: If you had to design a curriculum to cover the contents of IIH and prepare a student for PME would you do anything differently to what is already in IIH. 

    Wayne: There are definite parts that you need to master, besides the preliminary exs in chapters 1-2. For example invoking the elements, depth point meditations etc. Once these are mastered you can invoke the elements in all the places Bardon mentions, similarly for the depth point stuff.  This would make IIH look far less daunting as there aren’t that many fundamental practices that need to be mastered before they can be applied elsewhere. (Perhaps I’ll write a guide on this in the future). I would then list each exercise in order in each step and indicate clearly which ones need to be practised daily until that becomes superseded, for example replacing vacancy of mind with the Akasha trance.  A version of the mental wandering notes in POME could be included in IIH. A few uses for the personal depth point meditation (akasha trance) could be included in IIH from POME and TKTTTQ, although Rawn Clark gives some help on this in ABC (which I highly recommend as a guide to use as you proceed though IIH)

    SOFB:The early steps 1-3 have a few sticking points like VOM, how clear a visualization should be and feeling the force of the vital force and elements. What tips can you give those currently struggling with these steps.

    Wayne: Practice daily, regardless of how long as a few minutes will benefit you.  Try to incorporate things into your daily life I was not a good visualiser and had to see/hear/feel the real things first then remember them afterwards; if it’s cold outside I go and feel what it’s like with full attention, then  try to remember the feeling. Don’t underestimate making up a ritual for this. I’m currently building the qabalah into mine but simple ones work too, for example, draw a tv screen with your forefinger and say “I see an apple” - do this every time you visualise and when the link is made it becomes easier.  

    SOFB: In my own journey I have found concentration to be key for many exercises. It was not that I could not do what was required it was just that I had not understood what is meant by quality and quantity. Could you talk about this subject and share how relevant or not it has been in your own journey to understand this concept.  

    Wayne:The key to concentration for me was awareness of the present moment.  Try it now, put this article down and become totally aware of what’s going on inside you (including your mind) and around you……

    How did you do? Did you lose it and become distracted?  How long did you manage? Ok, now you know what you’re up against do it again and make more effort.  I found doing this daily improved my concentration beyond belief. Development of concentration is a gradual process so don’t beat yourself up about it.

    List what you want out of IIH, look at it everyday and modify/change it as necessary but keep your eye on your goals, this will make you want them more, also make do-able short term goals to reach the big ones.  This wanting is the quality. This is linked to actually doing the practises, you’ll make more of an effort to actually do them if you know your goals, this is how I understand “quantity”.

    SOFB: At what point in the training (if any) did you realise that what was talked about by Franz Bardon is actually possible and not just a pleasant distraction?

    Wayne: Once I worked on my Elemental Equilibrium things started working more consistently rather than haphazardly as it did previously. Development of clairvoyance gives you a huge realisation - and I’m not particularly gifted in this - it takes work but it is improving for me, it shows the methods work and that the universe truely is a wondrous place.

    SOFB:How has the work of IIH impacted your life? 

    Wayne: I feel it is a practice that can be incorporated into every aspect of daily life.  My dzogchen teacher taught me to look at practices like that. I practise while standing in the queue at the checkout in Tesco, while pretending to watch TV, on long journeys etc., as well as my specified practice times. As a teacher I created a calm atmosphere in my classroom using vital life force (VLF), simple finger rituals to dissolve confrontational situations etc.  I think of the practices in IIH as principles that can be used when the need arises as well as evolutionary tools.  

    A pupil once asked me (for an English project) “What book has had the most influence on me,'' My reply was IIH and that resulted in a number of pupils reading it.  I never thought that would be the result!

    SOFB: I see that you are also involved in alchemy.  For those of us not familiar can you explain why you got involved in alchemy and how if at all it relates to the work of IIH, PME and KTQ.


    Wayne: I had been reading about alchemy since I was 10.  I have practised it since my teens after getting the “Alchemist’s Handbook” by Frater Albertus.  As a result I have a laboratory in my garage and still practice today. I tend to view everything as alchemy, including IIH; it’s an evolutionary process almost exactly adhering to solve-purify-coagula; just look at the steps, the early ones purify our body, soul and spirit individually (solve), the latter ones develop the presence of God within us and bring things all together; the human Philosophers’ Stone. Don’t overlook the laboratory work however, this illustrates, proves and illuminates the inner work.

    SOFB: In addition to alchemy you are also a Martial Artist as many of us Bardonists appear to be. How has the IIH training impacted your Martial Arts? Has it inspired new methods approaches? Transformed what you had?

    Wayne: Most definitely.  Wing Chun (which I also teach) gives you a particular set of tools and once you understand them, it's up to you to make them work for you, in the process it also transforms you; it develops focus, humility, persistence etc .  It's also a very economical system and I apply all these approaches to IIH. In return I find IIH develops qualities needed in Wing Chun such as internal energy, visualisation etc, a bit like a biofeedback loop. It considerably helps with astral equilibrium.  


    SOFB:I have received various questions in regard to the Chakra system, 3rd Eye, Kundalini etc. But before I ask those specific questions from members I would like to ask a few questions regarding these things and their factual realities.

    I remember Rawn speaking about the electric and magnetic parts of the body and how at a certain point of development you can see this for yourself as fact so need for tables of correspondences in books. In the same way, IF the chakras exist are they not be visible to clairvoyant eyes in the same way?  

    Also this quote from Franz Bardon in IIH always gets me thinking that the chakras are  simply a map to give mind a network to traverse ‘The muladhara chakra is an initiation diagram and corresponds to the first Tarot card. 

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Wayne: I have not done much work on the Chakras and I think Rawn says somewhere that these develop and unblock naturally as you go through the steps in IIH so I don’t really involve myself directly in them. 

    SOFB: Energy related questions.

    1. What charging methods have you found to be most efficient in building up and retaining great amounts of energy. 
      In comparison to many methods of energy development in Taoist systems from China and Kejawen/Tenaga Dalem systems Indonesia how important is the development, building up of and storage of energy in the Franz Bardon system as opposed to just using resources when it is needed.
      For example, often the focus is upon filling lower dantien as precursor to microcosmic orbit or India/Tibet the working on successive chakras and the 3 channels.


    Wayne: I have worked with the microcosmic orbit, Chi Gung and Tai Chi as well as some internal aspects of Wing Chun taught to me whilst in Hong Kong.  In all of these practices I see similarities with IIH and tend to revert to them. Once you learn to accumulate VLF you can do many things with it including fill the dantien and circulate it (although there are far more interesting and useful things to do with it).  Even chi gung masters get too full of chi (VLF) and use venting practices, I find it easier to get rid of it as Bardon suggests. Experiment, feel it and use that feeling as a guide if you feel tension and/or irritable etc, vent it.  

    B) Do you believe in the existence of the Kundalini? If so have you awakened this power within yourself? (Note from SOFB: Here again the meaning of Kundalini in modern times to what Franz Bardon saw it as...the power behind the imagination is very different.

    Wayne: I have had some feelings of awakening of Kundalini at times, I’ve just observed it with no attachment.  Once again, I’ve not sought this; IIH practice is enough for me. My feeling is that kundalini rising is a natural occurrence and happens when certain conditions are met like removing blockages in your energy system.  IIH does that as you progress through it. 

    SOFB: Are you able to talk about any experience with the beings of the second book?

    Wayne: I have consulted some beings on alchemy practices, using methods of evocation like those used by Bill Mistele.  I like to keep it simple and use a sort of dialogue; Vacancy of Mind is so important for this. I’m sorry but I can’t talk any more on this due to an oath of silence on what information was obtained.

    SOFB: FInally is there anything you feel we should have covered that we have missed? Please feel free to share here. 

    Wayne: Thank you for giving me the time and allowing me to speak on this.   If anyone has any other specific questions please get in touch



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