Interview with Bob: Community Questions on IIH, PME and KTQ

    Bob Smith Part Deux

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    SOFB Member question: First, if possible, what correlation between power and connective tissue; he said stronger connective tissue and tendons work makes for more wielding more power, I'd be interested to understand why from a hermetic point of view.

    Bob: If you want to do something in the material world, you need a material point of transmission. Long before people can set things on fire with their mind, the conversion of astral phenomena to the physical most often happens via spontaneous discharge of astral energy into kinetic force. That force runs via the ligaments and tendons. 

    SOFB Member question: Second, I'd like him to develop further on the topic of earthzone and elemental spirits. From his writing, I understood that they have agendas and evil intents of using the initiate and controlling his access to akasha. From Bill and Virgil's writings however, they are benevolent spirits who are more than happy to offer knowledge and training for one asking for it and are offering guidance. It might be a misunderstanding I got from Bob's text but I'd like to know why does he discourage one from working with them. 

    Bob: I don’t discourage people from learning from them. Just understand that nothing comes for free. These things work with people as a way of expressing themselves in the material world. If you are looking for guidance, they will manipulate your senses to push you in that direction. It’s called getting what you asked for. The fact that any pact you make with them might very well last beyond the scope of your current lifetime is another oft left out fact. For example, becoming a priest in an apostolic order gets you access to the use of the Latin Mass as a source of power. And that is profound. The Latin Mass is a 1600 year old battery that has been continually added to by millions of people every day for almost two millennia. Being anointed a priest marks you and seems to last more than one lifetime. But it is the pass key to the egregore that surrounds the Latin Mass and without it you cannot leverage it. You pay your money and make your choices.

    Regarding the Akasha debate keep in mind that the advantage of undergoing internal power development is that you generate your own Akasha and non-dual light. If you have not done this work, a spirit entity providing it to you is a way around this limitation. But just like borrowing your father’s car, he sets the ground rules for what you get to do with it.

    SOFB Member question: It is common for some folk traditions to have practices surrounding the concept of ‘journeying’ in order to engage with spirits. Here I refer to those using drums or alike as trance induction methods, not entheogens. How would you relate those in regards to mental wondering as a way to engage with spirits as provided by Bardon? And why do you feel that engaging with spirits is not as much as a taboo for those traditions in comparison to those following Bardon system.

    Bob: The drums, and trance induction, are just another way to induce mental wandering. Nothing wrong with it at all. Drums as a practical matter seem to hone in on lower vibration spirits. Chimes, and bells, higher order.

    If you are using mental wandering to engage spirits as in the second book, you are working with spirits. No taboo in Bardon’s system exists. I just think that the issue of the bill being do for having the entity flip switches for you gets undersold.

    SOFB Member question: From the different methods to engage with spirits provided by Bardon (e.g., mental wondering, evocation), which one you had most success with? And which one would you see as the most achievable for students coming into PME?

    Bob: I’ve done evocation and mental wandering predominantly. I’m beginning to work more with the crystal method as it seems to better establish dominance early on with less physical risk or energetic demand as required by physical evocation. Mental wandering requires the most development of the subtle senses. Your clairvoyance and clairaudience better be on point or you are going to get a lot of fantasy based garbage coming through. Evocation takes the most setup and energy. It can also be the most dangerous, but it requires little in the way of development of the subtle senses. They crystal method is in-between. Personally, if I had to do it all over again, I would have started with the crystal method. FYI, spirits hate this. To the degree they can feel pain, the crystal method hurts them. But it also greatly reduces their ability to mislead or lie. All three can work depending upon what you are working on.

    However, if you want to learn a physical skill, mediumship is what you need to engage in. And it is the most physically draining of them all.

    SOFB Member question: The process of making consecrated tools is always a hot topic in grimoire based traditions. Some claim that every step should be followed by the letter while others are flexible to the point of skipping most of the tools. What’s your approach in regards to the preparation and consecration of magical tools when working with PME?

    Bob: If you are going to practice a system, you need to follow the rules until you know enough to break the rules. As a practical matter, the tools act as charged foci to engage spirits with. They don’t see very well, but their sense of hearing and smell is very acute. So, while a paper crown painted gold with Hebrew script works well instilling your authority as a king, you still need to bath thoroughly, or the spirits won’t come when conducting physical evocation. Likewise, a polyester faux lionskin belt cannot hold the charge the real thing does. 

    If you want to do mental wandering as your primary method, then get off your ass make sure your clairvoyance and clairaudience are on point. Your Akasha should be good as well to send the little bastards packing when the time comes.

    If you want to be a ritual guy, then get all of your tools in order. 

    At a certain point, you can freestyle. But you have to be competent first or it is all a mess.

    SOFB Member question: Is it only the Earthzone ones that control access to akasha and non-dual light, or of other spheres as well? Why do you think that happens, does it have to do with they trying to keep you 'positively engaged' in incarnation and exploring the physical world, expanding universe etc, and not 'escaping' it, by achieving non-returner, or arahant, via non-dual light ?

    Bob: I don’t know. All I know if that if you enter into a relationship with anyone, you need to have certain things in common and that will track you in a certain direction. Avoiding spirits and pursing the enlightenment path by itself has merit. But then again you probably won’t be doing much magic either.

    SOFB Member question:  (Read a JB post some time ago, said some of Earthzone's seem like former magicians, some like egregores, and others like made-up energy currents or such) How does a being get to become such a spheric being as in PME, of either of the spheres, upto to Pluto ? Did they too have to incarnate and train hard into the physical world to achieve such godlike powers and be appointed such divine roles (not referring to the inhabitants of those spheres)?

    Bob: I can give one example. The Black School of Saint Cyprian is internally run by a former magician turned saint. Then end goal of the system is enrollment in the Order of Melchizedek and the transformation of human magicians into angels of the Lord. For example, according to that system, Metatron was a human magician named Enoch. 

    SOFB Member question: The Kabalistic letters, the primary energies and the planetary energies run via specific bands of connective tissue within the body"

    Rawn: http://abardoncompanion.de/KTQ-Steps1-5.html :

    "In Hebrew kabbalistic practice, there are not only notes associated with each letter (by way of the vowel points) but also a specific movement that accompanies each vowel's pronunciation"

    How are those postures/movements discovered and cultivated, so as to help condense the planetary energies, and Letters as dense as possible into the physical? Does the Letter practice guides one intuitively, or other ? I'm assuming concentration plays a major part as well, besides the physical posture/anchor of sorts?

    Bob: Three pointed focus forms the base: color, sound and sensation. By training the tendons/ligaments it results in a kind of clairsentience that as you vibrate the sound through the ligaments/tendons results in the body spontaneously forming certain postures/hand gestures/movements. These will be largely individualized to the practitioner and therefore free of a lot of the baggage associated with the egregores around something like a traditional mudra/body posture.

    Only do this with Kabbalah. 

    Traditionally the aspect of a planet is divided into the: various intelligences of a planet and the spirit of the planet. Bardon’s second book is a listing of planetary intelligences. They are useful for information. Each planet has only one planetary spirit and this represents its raw power. The planetary spirits (not intelligences as presented in Bardon’s second book) have an aspect in the physical world that can literally rip you apart. Accidentally slipping into the planetary spirit aspect at various points in time has caused me a seizure, burned my nervous system and other rather unpleasant side effects. This only occurred as I’ve done a lot of tendon training over they years. Most people without this training won’t get anything except astral and mental level side effects from trying to work with the spirit of a planet within their own body as it has no ability to ground into the physical.

    SOFB Member question: Kether and non-dual light relation, differences etc?

    Bob: As far as I view it they are the same. Non-dual light is something that can only be defined in the negative (i.e. by that which it is not).

    SOFB Member question: "engage the denizens of the other layers of reality on my terms versus theirs"

    Which are all the requirements of such, QBL, Godhead? Does "on my terms" mean, getting infos for nothing, because they acknowledge one's Divine authority, when the requirements are met, and no formal, or informal pact is set, and then they willfully help others?

    Bob: Nothing comes for free. Ever. By being in the power position, you at least have a better chance of setting the terms. Again, you pay your money and take your chances.

    SOFB Member question: If one cultivates non-dual light, and achieves non-returner, what's the purpose of IIH Step 10, 4 fundamental qualities of Godhead? Only to provide godlike authority for PME practice with the spirits of the spheres, or other ?

    Bob: The godhead exercises strike me as the Western equivalent of the deity fusion practices out of Asia. 

    SOFB Member question: MR: "If no B&W mirror reflection, the Will builds a supernatural Ego because it can"

    Does the IIH Step 10, 4 Godhead qualities build in any stage such a super-natural godlike Ego/authority, any dangers, traps there?

    Bob: It’s deity fusion. You act more like whatever deity you are bonding with. 

    SOFB Member question:  Trekcho, Thogal, Rainbow body , via Hermetic practices, and perspective ?

    Bob: I suspect, but do not know, that the rainbow body practices have something to do with the letters I and J. As they both generate rainbow like colors in the aura. If you are talking trulkhor that is another issue entirely. The letter I in particular greases the movement between the physical and astral powerfully. The letter J has a lot to do with the “meta” sensation tantric Buddhism strives to generate. Beyond that anything I have to say is a guess. 

    SOFB Member question: I have a more simple question for Bob. I wonder if he use the Soul Mirrors (Black and White) and How he works on bringing Elements into Equilibrium.

    Bob: I don’t ever use soul mirrors. I establish equilibrium by placing the elements into the four sections of the body repeatedly throughout the day (fire in the head, air in the upper chest, water in the abdomen and earth in the legs).

    SOFB Member question: Would you say that the actual perception and recognition of the nature of the spirits of the spheres and EZ differs for the practitioner who has gone through KTQ before PME? How would you characterize that difference if there is one?

    Bob: Hard to say. It was the way I did it. I suspect so, but I lack enough data points to give you a definite answer. In my case, when I work with spirits I can frequently feel the underlying source of their power from a letter perspective. Many of them do not like this. On at least one occasion the spirit even asked me why I was there. On a higher level you should, theoretically, be able to mirror and separate the energetic forms an entity uses from that entity and thereby generate the effects it is capable of without going through it at all.

    Keep in mind my demon name means something like “Oath Breaker.” Just as humans have names for these creatures, they have names for us. Those entities well understand I’m not up to giving them anything long term. The fact that I’ve intentionally burned more than one of them out of this level of reality is known as well. I have no doubt this flavors my interaction with all spirits.

    SOFB Member question: Six questions here from one reader. 

    1. Elementals/Elementaries: dealings, endings, side-effects. 

    Bob: If someone has really powerful astral energy and/or near earth energy at this level of reality then they made a pack at some point in the past. This results in the elemental channeling more of that energy through them upon demand. As the debt has already been paid, it’s all good. Otherwise get ready to be their butt monkey for a few millennia after the end of your current lifetime.

    2. Heavy use, or abuse, of akasha, physical plane, side-effects: 

    Bob: Penalty box on Saturn. Akasha bends the rules of the physical universe and karma. Do this often enough and you get put in time out on Saturn where you are re-habilitated. This takes a very long time and is really unpleasant. Use magic to harm others in an unjustified way and you get the same thing. Practitioners whose job it is to judge others have a special relationship with Akasha. 

    3. Which letters find more difficult and why, current practices. 

    Bob: Fire is most difficult for me, but given my unnatural level of ability with this stuff that is a relative issue. My body in this incarnation has a heavy earth element aspect to it. Largely as it is designed to convert subtle energy into the physical. Currently working on gold body fusion. 

    4. Unexpected or unusual experiences with the letters, or with other practices. 

    Bob: Too many to even list here. Keep in mind Bardon’s book is the Cliff’s Notes version of Kaballah. Lots of stuff is left out.

    5. Worked with, or impressions of other systems like, Goetia, Enochian, Arbatel. 

    Bob: If you can generate Akasha and non-dual light, working with these things feels an awful lot like spiritual degradation. The Buddhist argument of pursuing Nirvana before pursuing magic has a lot of merit.

    6. Evocation methods and preferences, wandering, uttering the whole complex, mirror, physical triangle, ? 

    Bob: Currently crystal method. I’ve used wandering and evocation before. Really depends on what you are looking for. Wandering is good for information. Crystal method for clarity. Evocation for getting the little bastards to do stuff in the here and now. Mediumship for learning a physical skill.

    Thank you for your experiences and openness senor Bob, quite unusual. 

    Bob: No hay problema.

    SOFB Member question: We have a large amount of questions here from the same reader. 

    So though they are varied they have been kept together.

    1) what happens when one uses an author's personal sigils, or telesmas, published in his book, do you tap into his sigil-reservoir, are you connected to him, are you feeding his sigil-reservoir, depleting it ?

    Bob: Depends on how it is set up. For certain what you get is flavored by the creator of the sigil and the use others has put it to. Most systems of evocation stress the idea of coming up with your own sigils. Keep in mind accessing the power of an egregore almost always comes with the cost of making a pack and jumping through a lot of hoops.

    2) in your -current- opinion and understanding, which knowledge, skills, siddhis might be needed, and good to have for the upcoming near future ? (ex: if I were asked, I'd say, telepathy, invisibility, levitation, ehuh)

    Bob: Near future. Money and lots of it. Physical fitness and health. Skill at arms. A first world passport. Those are the primary ones. Living in the physical world requires physical assets. 

    If you are counting on magic to save you, it is probably too late. Magic performs best as an accelerant for work you have already done. Breaking the laws of physics is cool, but won’t save you from a Hilux full of adolescents fucked off on khat and carrying shotguns. And no matter how tough you are, you aren’t going to fight a platoon sized formation on your own and win. You might die a little slower, but that is about it. Avoidance is the best policy.

    3) everyday mental-astral state of living life and avoiding people's weird interactions, what things, practices not to do, how to guise oneself and not get noticed. If one practices very intensely and with long durations throughout the day, martially and gym, and develops very strong bodies, and maybe their aura emanations get stronger and noticed by some, are there ways to completely hide it, and just be perceived as normal person, not a powerful godlike initiate.

    Bob: Learn how to establish equilibrium. Do it often. Not being noticed comes at the price of having very little opportunity in life. As the people who could help you cannot see you. “Living in the world without being a part of it” is the biggest lie told by the New Agers. Which is why they are all broke losers. Running a lot of non-dual light through your external energy center above your head generally results in a comfortable life in accordance with your life’s purpose. But it lacks the high notes, excitement or adventure. And none of that will save you from the Nazis if you can’t be bothered to get your ass out of town. Just ask Franz Bardon.

    4) Are there any "disturbances in the force", psychic signs, dark, demonic entities gathering, what-ever, in the close environment that could mean a negative, destructive incident is going to happen soon somewhere there nearby, of a terrorist or any deadly attack. Anything else to do besides leaving that place, environment asap, how can one react, protect, manage such situations, while leaving ?

    Bob: One of the universal signs of a heavy hitter showing up in an area is all the New Agers spontaneously leaving much like rats fleeing a sinking ship. Best to keep a low profile and get out of the way. I’ve almost died twice at the hands of individuals operating at that level. Mainly because they perceived me as a distraction to whatever they hell it was they were trying to achieve. Let that sink in. 

    5) How to respond, protect from a "black magician" who abuses akasha against you? How to protect from true arch-demonic entities?

    Bob: The easiest is surrounding yourself with the E-N letter formula at all four levels of reality. Beyond that, Emnasut has the ability to deal with demonic entities, but it comes at the price of causing brain damage leading towards schizophrenia. The stronger the entity the harder the bite on the physical end. I’ve sparingly used this over the years and paid for it each time. But sometimes there is no other way.

    6) How to qualitatively-quantitatively easen/neutralize "difficult" Astrological aspects, squares, conjunctions (ex: Mars(Cap) sq Saturn(Sco)/Pl, Saturn conj Pluto, etc)

    Bob: Astrology is not my strong suite. Acquiring ten hours of practice with a planet gives a base level of resilience to its effects. At 100 hours you as resistant as you are going to get. Counterbalance all planets past luna (i.e. the moon) with an equal amount of lunar practice. So, if you do an hour of Mercury, counterbalance with an hour of luna. For what is done with conventional astrology in that regard, I’d say look at the Picatrix and like sources. It’s a deep science and simply something I don’t work with. 

    7) step 4 Mental , Transplantation of consciousness. Do we morph/shape our mental body to the object/person's, and exteriorize it and move into them, does the IIH previous steps lead one there and comprehending how to do it, tips, and what is exactly needed and performed? Do we transplant our consciousness, our mental body, both, into them, what?

    Bob: You can. I wouldn’t. You are infringing on another’s free will. You will pay for that. Also, it is not a one-way street. Human beings are filthy animals. Whatever they are backflows into you and it is hard to tell it apart your own thoughts/feelings/etc. As a teacher once told me, “it is not what we know about others that allows us to work with them, it is what we do not know.” 

    Also, if an older more powerful practitioner catches you doing this to them, their reaction usually entails violence. I had one associate beat a job seeker interviewing for a sales position unconscious with a telephone receiver when he caught them trying to manipulate his mind. Others are not our playthings. 

    8) "It is much better to pay them off with ritual offerings with a clear understanding that the good stuff is not on the table."

    How does one communicate to the spirits which offerings to provide to them. Does one in Godhead union just plainly asks them which offerings they would like for the information they will provide? (As in: "Hi, nice to meet you! I won't be joining your school or establish an informal pact, but I can pay with ..such" It's not my intention to make it look such cynical, just wondering how that'll end up being done by beings who supposedly can read you better than yourself)

    Bob: Guides exist for this kind of thing with the better known entities. The e-book 360 Heads of the Earth Zone goes into great detail on this. If you can communicate via mental wandering, or the crystal method, simply ask. They are usually pretty clear on what works for them. Be direct. Keep in mind by wrapping yourself in non-dual light for 10-15 minutes before going looking for them it shields your lower nature from most entities. Whoever you are, your skills and your goals are usually pretty transparent to them. That has a lot to do with the information you do, or do not, get. Keep in mind that if you need them to do something for you as beings without physical bodies they have no breath. No breath means no energy. You can feed them energy directly, burn incense (that provides fire), leave offerings of various type, etc. Do some research on how to conduct offerings. Whole books are written on the topic.

    9) Dangers when having a non-practitioner significant-other, and doing akasha, letters, universal energies work, side-effects, living together. Which conditions are better when initially starting such dense practices, solitary life and remote living place help? If conditions allow it, better to live with people when practicing dense work, or solitary so as not to effect them?

    Bob: Succeed enough in life financially to afford your own practice space. Sure, that temple in woods where you practice sky-clad screaming at the top of your lungs miles from anyone else is ideal. But some people I know have built very effective talismans in a CONEX at the wrecking yard in Afghanistan. 

    Have a separate place. Preferably not in the same building as your loved ones live in. Most people will go to huge lengths to avoid an active practice space. They subconsciously know they shouldn’t be around.

    While short periods of intense practice in isolation are beneficial, if you use this as an excuse to avoid others you are missing the whole damn point. We are magicians. We create things. We bring things into creation. We are most effective as active participants in the world. Our greatest practitioners were men of renown: Hermes Trismegistus, Socrates, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Newton and so on, and so on. If you treat reality as a jail break, you are missing the point. They were not a bunch of butt fucking losers working out of their grandmother’s basement.

    10) How to safely destroy (not bury, and found later) personal heavily loaded for years magical tools like, dagger, sword, ring, talismans, and get away unscathed. Use of akasha, Saturn energy, how, other?

    (Mark Stavish on his book, The Magical World of Dr. Joseph Lisiewski: "my destruction of his magical tools. Suffice it to say that during their destruction by fire, a terrific downpour was building immediately above me which I barely escaped; for 6 months afterwards I suffered from severe tendonitis in my right elbow. You cannot touch evil and get away unscathed – but it can be purified")

    Bob: Akasha then fire. Salt and running water as in throwing it in a rapidly running river works as well. The E-N formula can be applied. Keep in mind that something built up must be released. When it comes out, it frequently comes out in an unpredictable manner. I personally prefer fire.

    11) Is it possible to visit/wander spheres and their respective planes invisibly, and not get noticed, and if noticed, which beings can see you and can't hide from, and why so?

    Bob: Bardon talks about this. I’ve never felt a need to myself. If things look sketchy, I leave. It does not need to be complicated. 

    12) Mummial magic. How to protect when someone has mummial parts of you, like hair, nails, blood etc. Can you once and for all cut all the cords or whatever binds you to those parts, or have to defend everytime on every attack?

    Bob: First, you should never let that happen. Ever. Second, get the parts back and burn them if possible. Third, use the releasing techniques from the Sedona Method (sedona.com) and at the end of the outbreath cut the connection between your parts and you with Akasha. 


    13) How did/does he approach the st10 personal Godhead assumption, and the ultimate Unity. Prefered methods, dangers, mistakes?

    Bob: I’m not sure how to answer this question. Deity fusion is just deity fusion. Running non-dual light from the energy center above the head down through the body is just that. Projecting up and out and immersing yourself in non-dual light is just that.

    14) Can our physical body withstand enormous amounts of cultivations, and energies, similar in power to shooting up a lightning strike. If our will, and our bodies can condense and withstand it, is it acceptable or there's a limit there somewhere, and how to find it. Namely, developing a physical siddhi upto a super-natural physical manifestation, and if any hidden dangers it entails, if no suffering signs are there

    Bob: Again. I’m not sure what is being asked here.

    15) Observer (knower?) - Intender aspects/qualities of the Mind, and which are in play in step10 personal Godhead assumption, or in the complete God-Unity as well. Are both those aspects/qualitites parts infused with that union, or the observer attends to all the operation. Just the mechanics of it, if any at that step, and upto which process they are utilised.

    Bob: No sure what you are getting at.

    16) Teaching methods with students, close relatives (siblings, parents) entanglements, traps, dangers

    Bob: Need more specifics.

    17) Does silk insulate all the quantities (or qualities) of all the spheres, and why? Is there a limit to its use, or charging/loading of a certain energy?

    Bob: Not that I am aware of. It’s just a piece of fabric. It can hold a limited charge and shield to a limited ability.

    18) How to cancel/neutralize a volt, wish, cause, that was magically/consciously sent in akasha (because, ragrets, 2nd thoughts, re-scheduling, mistake, whichever)

    Bob: Release on it using Sedona Method.

    19) (IIH ste8 Mental - wandering: "The elevation to any other sphere is now very simple and you have to do nothing else but concentrate on the sphere (color vibration?) that you would like to visit with your mental body; you will feel, as it were, whirled round and lifted up vertically through a funnel. The transition from our material world to another sphere happens as fast as if you were flying around the world in a single moment")

    Quoting Bobs previous interview: (Bob: "I generate a huge screen of Akasha at the front of the wall. Then I fly into the Akasha. At this point I am in the Akasha and project to wherever I am going to. I go deeper and deeper into the Akasha. I go until all of my senses are blocked out. Then and only then when I am completely wreathed in Akasha, I call on the letter, planets, wherever of where I want to go. At first this will appear as a flickering light. It gets stronger and stronger as I key into the vibratory, or energetic, state of the thing. Then I slam into it. Keep in mind this takes you to the astral level representation of a thing.")

    - Just trying to understand more about the entrance, and the various uses of Depth-point, or akashic trance as it's said. Because in IIH the depth point looks like a mental exercise, but with Bob's description it looks like that mental exercise leads into an astral level. Which are the pros and cons of the Depth point, and any other information about it. What are the differences of Depth point as an akashic point/center, and the place above the crown?

    Bob: I’ve only ever used the depth point at the solar plexus. You can raise your mental body up into the energy center above your head or simply engage in mental wandering on its own. I’ve never used the depth point exercise at the level above the head. You can shift into any of the various levels of reality from the depth point at the solar plexus however.

    20) safe exorcism of a possesed person, or haunted place, ways and energies used, precautions and side-effects

    Bob: I’m not getting into that here. That is a science unto itself. I will say that if you exorcise someone that you personally take on responsibility to rehabilitate them. It is rarely a one and done exercise. If you kick out whatever is there, frequently something else just sets up shop. And the thing being kicked out usually causes damage on the way out. This is not for amateurs. 

    21) PME: What does "Renewing the bond with Divinity" practically means. Re-constructing your whole method, re-visiting that Union?

    Bob: I view this as immersing yourself in non-dual light. There are other interpretations.

    22) Preferred long-houred meditation posture? Crossed-legs asanas, Egyptian throne-seated posture, other, why, dangers, issues ?

    Bob: Throne posture.  It is most comfortable for me. Sitting for longer than 2 hours at a time is generally bad for the body. I prefer to do the following in 15 min increments: lying, sitting, standing and walking.

    23) Bardon only mentions 24 Original beings of the ZGE (ex: Aschmunadai, whose name resembled "axis mundi" to JB, WM: https://www.facebook.com/notes/william-mistele/aschmunadai-transcript/10153698090021939 )

    What is the role of the Originals, in comparison to the rest of the zodiac signs, and are there other constellations beings and degrees besides the 12 ones, and their effects on our world and bodies.

    Bob: The answer to this could fill books. You need to be more specific.

    24) Supposedly many beings, spirits and people of the negative hierarchy are incarnated on this earth in human form today, and many warlike types such as incarnated salamaders, and demonic types seem to prefer and join the army. What say you, ever noticed ones that had close such resemblance?

    Bob: If you really believe this you shouldn’t do magic. The path of the warrior is one of the five primary archetypes of human activity. Society literally cannot exist without these people. Good, or bad, behavior is up to the individual. Free trade exists because the navies of various countries wiped out the pirates that used to prevent it. People are free because others fought for it. The people who fought most effectively were professionals. 

    25) Rawn, BOTA's Pattern on the Trestleboard: http://abardoncompanion.de/Trestleboard.html , http://abardoncompanion.de/TMO5.html

    What's your opinion, use of it?

    Bob: I’ve never used it. I’m not a huge fan of past life exploration. Usually just brings up a bunch of traumatic crap that affected someone else in a life long gone. I’m too busy living my life. I have had issues of past incarnations attempting to influence me in this incarnation. I’ve handled them harshly for their meddling.

    26) which Tarot card(s) would you personally choose to work with, resonate with and why ?

    Bob: I don’t do Tarot.

    27) When wandering and meet, or it comes to you being/spirit that doesn't originate in any of the planetary spheres, what to do, behave

    Bob: Treat it like any other spirit. Figure out if you have a reason to be in contact. Sometimes its yes, sometimes no.

    28) Philosopher's stone, long longevity by science, whichever comes first. Can one enjoy immortality, after cultivating non-dual light, become non-returner, or rather, the opposite, attain physical immortality first, then go for Nibbana ?

    Bob: I’ve seen nothing in this community that moves the needle in terms of longevity past 100 years of age, or so, if you want to live like a person. And getting to 100 years of age is a three order of magnitude rarity among modern humans in developed countries. Realistically, most people can hope for about 80 years barring being from a family with a known short lifespan. Keep in mind that if the median age of death in a society is 80 years of age, that means half the people died before that. Modern science is starting to come up with some stuff, but it is not ready for primetime. Lot’s of things, including magic, are very good at shortening your lifespan.




    William Cranstoun says (Mar 16, 2020):

    I'm surprised at how few questions on KTQ. Seems like the most interesting aspect of the advanced work.


    Jordan says (Mar 16, 2020):

    Thank you, Bob! So much wisdom and experience here.


    Simon says (Mar 16, 2020):

    Thanks Jordan and William for taking the time to thank Bob. What a mammoth task eh there was a lot of questions there. Agreed William there were far less KTQ questions than I expected. More interviews soon.


    Nemion29 says (Mar 17, 2020):

    I would strongly suggest anyone to dont take a Single Word from this Persons mouth. He suggested Me a practice which fucked up my whole astral body and also left terrible physical damages, also a long time of traumatic events, extreme anxiety and eventually it also led to suicidal thoughts because i could Not take the pain any more. He suggested Me a certain practice which i took for being advantageous for me, which it wasnt. I dont blame him for my erforderlich, but Sadly I was dumb enough to Listen to him which destroyed almost my whole life. He didnt want to know about my life and Status and just blind eyedly recommended practices which evoked a past life trauma and endless, still ongoing astral and physical pain. I would Stay away from this Person as He is absolutely Not trustworthy and something you just could call an "mindless Person". If this is what He got by years of Bardon Training, well, He may Talk to deities, but He is still no good Person at all. Not even a tiny Bit.


    Bob Smith says (Mar 18, 2020):

    Nemion contact me at yogicengineering@protonmail.com. I am unfamiliar with who you are.


    Simon says (Mar 20, 2020):

    I did not see this comment, I think the general rule for this path and everything else in life is that we take full responsibility for ourselves as adults. I do not know details so cannot comment but suggest you contact Bob on the email given above, The great thing with Bardons training is that it is right there in the open accessible to all so the path forward available for you, Best of luck.


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    J.A. Mitchell says (Jul 24, 2021):

    I was reading both posts and saw a mention of the CRYSTAL METHOD as being a midway technique between mental wandering and evocation. Never saw a mention of this in Bardon commentaries. Exactly what is the CRYSTAL METHOD?


    Peter says (Sep 17, 2021):

    This is beautiful. Thanks for all your insights

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